what is animov?

Hello, my name is Mark Cheltenham and animov is the name of my business as a freelance creative and producer of 3D and 2D animation, illustration, motion graphics and visual effects. Here you’ll be able to see the opportunities to work together; show where animation and motion graphics could fit in your marketing mix and see what kind of projects I’ve been working on recently.

type of projects

I handle projects from the briefing and conceptual stages through to storyboarding, production, post and delivery.

These types of 'end-to-end' projects are often direct from the client or from design/creative agencies with no in-house animation/mograf resource.

Alternatively, I’m just as happy jumping in on a project at a later stage, for example working with marketing and advertising agencies who already have a campaign idea boarded out; or working with tv production companies on visual effects in post.

I break this down into a three stage project cycle, where I can work on all three stages or enter a project at one of the later stages.

idea generation

Coming up with the creative idea, a narrative, visuals or a message track that makes best use of moving images and sound to fulfil the client’s brief. Often presented as storyboards, scripts and ideas for visual treatments, it’s a collaborative process at the end of which the client has a good idea what shape and form their project will take and associated costs.

idea development and preproduction

Building on and refining the ideas from the previous stage, this part of the process will involve defining the visual treatment, locking off the script, selecting cast or voice talent, character design and rigging, location scouting - everything needed to begin production.

production and post-production

Depending on the type of project, this may involve filming and editing, character animation, compositing live action with motion graphics or building and animating a prototype of a product or process. The client will view edits at various points in this stage when, after final sign off, the project is delivered to a media / platform specification.

A collaboration with illustrator, Will Howe, on a 2D animation for SelectNY Geneva

collaboration and scalability

I regularly collaborate with other animators, composers and motion designers in order to staff and turnaround bigger projects.

This makes animov lean and scalable, able to field a team of talented individuals to deliver high-end results on big projects.

I’ve found clients prefer one point of contact so I act as project director and manage the team, giving clients the cost effectiveness that comes from working with independents and the convenience of having a single point-of-contact.

I’ve added profiles of some of the freelancers I’m working with on a regular basis.

how (technical stuff)

The pipeline used for most projects is pencil and paper first, then Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects with a host of plug-ins and extras to extend the functionality of the core applications including Vray for C4d, Okino PolyTrans and X Particles.

Photoshop and Illustrator are often employed in the ideas and storyboarding stage and for creating assets used in the production process.