Mechanical Modelling and Rigging

Inside and outside valve gear for a rebuilt Bulleid, Merchant Navy Class. Rigged with xpresso and lots of constraints. There's a little bit of Sketch and Toon at the beginning then the rest is rendered out with vRay for C4d.

Cat Walk

One of my spare time projects is recreating in 3D the beautiful Pumpkin Soup books by Helen Cooper that my daughter and I enjoyed reading so much. This is an IK / FK rigging test for the cat character (minus hair). Done in c4d v12 manually before Maxon made rigging a whole lot easier in v13.

C4d Motors and Connectors

Researching C4d 12 motors, connectors and the physics engine I thought I'd quickly build a little steam engine and set up the piston rods - oh how wrong I was. Took a deep dive into steam engine mechanics and this example is the Stephenson double eccentric inside valve gear. Because everything has to obey 'real world' physics, this wasn't as easy as it looks!

Powered by C3

A collaboration with Phil Chiu on a quick and quirky piece to explain what the Powered by C3 business unit was all about.