Animov 2015 Showreel

Projects from 2015. Password protected, please email if you'd like to see.

Animov Engineering and Rigid Body Rigging Reel 2014

Password protected. Contact to see the animation.

animov healthcare, pharma and biotechnology reel

Password protected. Contact to have a look.

Animov Product Demos and Prototype Visualisation

Password protected. Contact: to view animation.

Bishop Auckland Architectural Visualisation

Turned around in 5 weeks, including all model building, this was a piece to show proposals for the development of Bishop Auckland Castle and Grounds. As there were no firm plans in place for the new buildings and the materials that would be employed, the client asked to keep them undefined and a pencil sketch rendering style was used on top of the c4d physical render.

infographics animations

A mix of 2D animation, motion graphics and infographics in this piece, part of the launch materials for for SourceFabric to show their open CMS for journalists and news organisations. Design and production by Animov with Roma Yagnic providing the music.

Fearless Styling

The smallest brief ever: create an animation based on Fearless Styling. Done in After Effects as a 2D piece. Credits to Will Howe for jumping in on the illustrations at short notice.

Guangzhou Animation Festival Reel

This was an open brief to create an animation for event in Guangzhou, China hosted by the British Arts Council and Stage Live Asia.

A great opportunity to collaborate with Jake Sanderson (music) and Mike Thomas (filming and animation) to create and produce a short film with Chinese influences. A real pleasure to work on.

Character Reel

From fully rigged human 3D characters to ‘old school’ cell animation, there are endless styles and treatments to consider for character animation to drive narrative and character led marketing campaigns.